By discovering the new in people,

we open the best in them!

  • The Charity Foundation “Way of life” is a fund for the development of professional charity in Russia.

    To form, unite and raise to the professional level are the tasks of services that we provide to the “third sector” and socially oriented business.

  • We implement educational and cultural projects as well as promote arts.

    The Foundation coordinates donor community and develops animal protection. Our experts are involved actively in the drafting of laws in the social sphere, and exercise public control.

The areas of work are

• Education and awareness
• Promotion of blood donation
• Systemic animal protection
• Development and examination of legislative initiatives in the social sphere
• Socio-cultural programs
• Expert support of the professional community
• Helping people with disabilities


• Proflab: Comprehensive assistance to social institutions for orphans with severe disabilities.
• The school of positive habits: A theory and a practice of good deeds for kids, pupils and students, we educate social responsibility in the younger generation.
• ProZoo: A series of events and expert assistance to the humane treatment of animals professionals.
• I-Donor: popularization of blood donation

How to help?

With money

By supporting the projects and programs of our Charity Foundation “Way of life”, you help orphans, people with disabilities, lonely elderly people, homeless animals and their defenders, those who are in the need of great support and participation in problem solving.

With money

By deeds

Among the wide variety of the activities of our Charity Foundation, everyone can find a business which he would fully enjoy. You can become a volunteer on our events, an auto-volunteer, or visit social institutions. Moreover, you can provide professional assistance, as we are always in the need of teachers, photographers and videographers, as well as crafts masters. If you have any other suggestions, we would like to know about them!

By deeds