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Popularization of blood donation

We hold charity events and popularize donorship.

The tasks of the direction are:

* Raising awareness of the population about the donation of blood and its components, promoting gratuitous blood donations

* Assisting medical institutions and their patients by attracting donors in the required quantity and in the required time, in order to reduce the death rate of severely ill people.

The activities within the scope of i-Donor are:

* Outdoor donor events

* Educational activities

* Financing of projects on popularization of gratuitous blood donations

* Working with volunteers

The Donors’ days of The Charity Foundation “Way of life” are held since 2010 at educational institutions of Moscow and Moscow region, as well as in companies and in the workplace.

Donor events are a blood collection, assistance to one's neighbor, enlightenment, a development, a participation in charity and a real holiday with a meaning.

We do everything to ensure that the blood donation procedure recalls only positive emotions:

* There is no need to go somewhere – a team of doctors and nurses come to your organization.

* We prepare treats so that the donor can refresh himself before and after giving blood.

* We arrange quizzes, quests, lotteries, and give souvenirs to memory.