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Assistance to elderly people

Psychological, informational, and social and household support

The Fund provides co-financing of the All-Russian hotline of information and volunteer assistance to the elderly people. It is the only free resource in Russia for pensioners, where they will not only be provided with specific information, but also will be listened to attentively without time limit. The hotline is also addressed by those who want to help: to become a volunteer of the project, to transfer donation, to bring clothes, to send a parcel.

More than 2,000 requests a year are handled by the coordinators. Calls are accepted from all over the world. On the basis of applications received through the hotline, social assistance is provided to single grandparents who live alone, as well as at nursing homes: for example, purchase of medicines, products, home care.

Project objectives are attracting the attention of society to the problems of the elderly people, psychological support, expanding the range of their communication with the help of volunteers, organizing social and domestic assistance, developing the volunteer potential of the elderly people, organizing “self-help groups”, promoting volunteer development in Russian regions.