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Assistance to children in difficult life situations

Support for foster families

"We are at home!" is a program for arranging children from orphanages and boarding schools into a professional family. One of the projects of the program is working in Ivanovo region since 2013 – it is a family center for orphans "A House of Growth". A home atmosphere is created there; children get psychological security and stability in development.

We provide comprehensive and family support. It is a material help: payment of parents' wages, public services, clothing, and stationery. An important work is the provision of educational, psychological, social and legal assistance

Prevention of refusals from newborns

The Fund provides co-financing of the "Warm House" project. This is a center for temporary stay in Moscow region for mothers with newborn children who, being in a difficult life situation due to lack of housing, work and support of relatives, are on the verge of giving up their own children.

The goal of the project is to keep the baby in the family, giving the mother a roof over her head and support of specialists. In the "Warm House" a psychologist, a social worker and a lawyer create a rehabilitation environment that helps women become caring mothers and prepare for an independent life outside the shelter. At the same time, the center can accommodate up to 7 families.