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We are helping children with developmental peculiarities, training specialists

Comprehensive assistance to social institutions for orphans with severe disabilities

It is implemented in orphanages and social institutions.

An author's practice-oriented program, within which is conducted:

* a course of specialists’ professional training, who are working with children with severe disabilities,

* financial support for the treatment and rehabilitation of orphanages,

* providing institutions with equipment for developmental care,

* procurement of methodological literature,

* social assistance.

The program is based on a unique course for professionals who are working with children with severe disabilities.

Is a course duration.

Are recognized experts in work with children with disabilities.

That are revealing the development prospects of orphanages.

Are the average number of one group.

More than 1000 children with severe disabilities have changed their lives for the better ones.

Children who receive high-quality care are beginning to change. They rarely get sick, smile more often, learn to look after themselves, for example, how to hold a spoon on their own, brush their teeth, play, walk, and notice the new. Gradually, many children are developing so actively that they become interesting for adoptive parents. They are taken into care in families, enter schools.

The «Proflab» program has been held in Moscow since 2014. In 2018, it has entered the federal level and has been launched in Russian regions.